Van layout & Dimensions

Building your own van?

We've created a helpful breakdown of

in-depth measurements and 3D modeling of the fully built out living space to guide you through your build process. 

This layout is adaptable for any type of vehicle, at any stage of your build. 



You can customize it to exactly what YOU want ​​

Converting your own van entitles you to be the boss of every detail-- you don't have to conform to templates or predesigned layouts that come standard from build companies. Even with our layout guide, you can make adjustments and tweaks that perfectly fit your vehicle to incorporate your dreams and create the van that fits your exact lifestyle.

You'll know how everything works... and how to fix things when they break 

Inevitably, things will break. Most of the time a slight adjustment will fix the problem and it's a free, easy solution. But if you didn't do the wiring, solar, plumbing, etc. yourself, it can be very expensive and time-consuming to 1) identify the source of the problem and 2) figure out how to fix it. By putting in a little effort up front to understand and construct the solar, electrical, and plumbing yourself, you will save yourself much heartache and money down the road!   

It's cheaper than buying one that's already converted​

Building your own van for van life is extremely cost efficient compared to having one built for you or buying one that is already built out. When you build out a vehicle yourself, you are in complete control of the 1) cost of the vehicle, 2) budget for the build equipment and materials, 3) absolved from paying for professional labor. Even if you hire friends to help you and increase your budget for materials and equipment, you'll still usually save a significant amount of money than buying a pre-converted van.  

You'll appreciate it more

Building a van is hard. But it's SO rewarding!! When you build a van yourself, everything is so much more personal-- the imperfections and the small quirks make it YOURS​!

It's an amazing learning experience

Building out a van requires knowledge on multiple, essential skills that are becoming expensive to find experts in. You'll learn the basics on electrical wiring, AC and DC systems, plumbing, cabinetry, carpentry, solar systems, and finish work. All skills that remain relevant and useful-- you'll develop skills that you can use meaningfully for the rest of your life.