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Trent is a self-taught craftsman with boundless problem-solving abilities and creative solutions for projects off the beaten path.


His experience with woodworking, welding, auto mechanics, electrical wiring, and plumbing were integral in completing two innovative, fully off-grid van conversions-- Tony Vanza, a 2017 RAM Promaster 136", and Pamela Vanderson, a 2018 RAM Promaster 159" extended. 


An adrenaline junky with a history of racing fast cars and motorcycles, Trent's affinity for nature and eye for photography have led him to the mountains where he enjoys biking tight singletrack, climbing rocky peaks, and snowboarding fresh powder.  


Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, this gingerbread man lives big and wears his heart on his sleeve. 

Anybody want a muffin__Maybe a scone__•_
Whatever calls to you in life, start doi


Allie is a traveler at heart and enjoys immersing herself in new languages, cultures, cuisines, and communities.


Originally from Washington D.C., she's lived abroad and across the US-- bouncing around Europe, living in France, and settling in Bozeman, Montana until a career move landed her in Salt Lake City, where she met Trent. 


A yoga teacher, trail runner, painter, and baker of chocolate chip cookies, Allie is always seeking new adventures on the road, along the coast, and in the mountains.  


A Blue Heeler mix from the rolling hills of central Utah, Frank was born onto a ranch of hardworking, cattle-herding, straight-barking farm dogs. 


His father, a stocky, no-nonsense Blue Heeler worked full-time in the field, helping the ranch family tend their livestock and keeping everybody safe. His mother, a petite, tender-hearted, Red Heeler spent time with the chickens and human children, making sure no one wandered too far out of eyesight. 


Frank decided to follow his passion and, rather than take up the family ranching trade, he shook the dust off his boots and set sail at a mere 12 weeks old to live with Trent & Allie, helping them convert their first van in Salt Lake City.


His diligence and attention to detail helped Trent & Allie immeasurably-- and Frank blossomed into a loving, spunky, loyal pooch with a love of exploration, frisbee, swimming, and licking food off the floor.


Trent & Allie feel so lucky to have Frank in their lives.  

They say love comes in many forms._•_A s
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